Pasture-raised ingredients for sensitive dogs.


Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs

+ Ideal for sensitive dogs
+ Organically-raised raw meat
+ 100% grain free
+ No carbohydrates

A Handcrafted Nutritional Diet for Dogs with Sensitivities.

Answers Straight formula is ideal for pet owners that are looking for a limited-ingredient panel. Comprised of only three ingredients, Straight formula serves as a great base for pet food customization. For a complete meal, add the suggested serving of our Fermented Raw Goat’s Milk or Cow's Milk Kefir for a nourishing and easily digestible meal.
Beef, Chicken, Pork,
and Turkey
2lbs (Quart)
4lbs (Half-gallon)
Meat, organs, ground bone, raw cultured whey, sea salt.
Keep frozen. Thaw carton on plate to serve. Good for 7 days refrigerated.
NEW Straight Turkey Formula for Dogs has advanced nourishment and competitive inhibition through fermentation. Used as a foundation for your pet’s meal, our turkey formula is organic, antibiotic-free and non-GMO, with no added hormones and is Certified Humane Raised and Handled.
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