Let your dog and cat know that we have big news here in Pennsylvania – we’re welcoming veterinarian Doug Knueven, DVM, CVA, CVC, CVCH a longtime friend of animals through the Beaver Animal Clinic, to our Answers™ family as Chief Veterinarian of Answers Pet Food.

Known as The Holistic Vet, Dr. Doug believes that “Holistic pet care is the safe, natural and effective way for a pet to maintain or regain health.” A noted author (“The Holistic Health Guide” and “Stand By Me: A Holistic Handbook for Animals, Their People, and the Lives They Share Together”), he can be heard discussing a wide range of subjects in podcasts on Pet Life Radio (petliferadio.com). Dr. Doug also lecturers on the subject of pet care and pet health around the country at veterinary conferences and owner events.

A graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Doug says his idea of health revolved around the mechanistic, Western model of medicine where there is a drug or surgery for just about every condition (never mind the side effects and surgical risks).

After a few years in practice, he realized that things didn’t always go the way the textbooks said it would. He realized at this point that “there had to be more to health and healing than what I was taught in vet school. This realization started me on my journey into holistic medicine.”

He started with veterinary acupuncture. After seeing the healing benefits, he completed courses in homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine and chiropractic. He joined the American Holistic Medical Association and through conferences, continue to learn more about holistic pet health.
Dr. Doug also sees the value of Western medicine and practices integrative veterinary medicine which involves the use of the most appropriate treatment for the individual animal. He notes, “As an integrative medicine practitioner, I have more tools in my kit to treat the many patients I see.”

“Along the way I also realized that any given patient was not going to heal if they were not being fed properly,” he adds. “The longer I have practiced veterinary medicine, the more convinced I am of the value of the Holistic-Integrative approach to pet health care.”

Dr. Doug has been a holistic veterinarian since 1994 and a raw pet food advocate since 1998. He started specifically recommending Answers™ Raw Pet Foods for his patients in 2010 when the company launched its first products. “I was impressed with the exceptional quality of the ingredients, the science-based balance of nutrients, the impeccable care of preparation, and most of all, the integrity of all those in the organization. I have stuck with Answers over the years because of the consistent positive results I have seen in my patients. The true genius of Answers food is their proprietary fermentation process which efficiently inhibits pathogens in the food and also reinforces a healthy gastrointestinal microbiome in the consumer.”

“I am truly excited to be brought onboard the Answers team. Finally, I will get paid for doing what I’ve been doing for years, recommending the best in pet nutrition to my clients, and now to my veterinary colleagues. I can’t wait to get more involved with this innovative company as we work together to help holistic veterinarians help their patients with cutting-edge nutritional products. This isn’t just pet food, it’s medicine.”

Dr. Doug’s passion for pets and for true health (physical, mental and spiritual) fill his blog (drdougknueven.com); and he will be contributing to Answers’ Beyond the Bowl blog (answersbeyondthebowl.com). Apart of his work with Answers is being a consultant on product development and programs, and participate in other discussions and Answers seminars.

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