Raising the Standards

The Only Fermented Pet Food

Our Passion is Pet Food.

In the past 20 years cases of life-altering disease’s in pets have sky rocketed. Being avid pet lovers, we asked the question why? So we began to research. We found that 80% of the immune response comes from the stomach. It’s what the pets were being fed! We found the Answer, and that’s how we got out name. Answers Pet Food. Since 2009 we have been crafting fermented pet food and treats for both cats and dogs.  We are a small family owned business located in the heart of Eastern Pennsylvania with one mission, to improve pets lives through their food.

High Quality Ingredients

Ethically Sourced
Humanely Raised
Organically Grown Vegetables

Fermented Products Are Full of Probiotics.

How do we increase pet health?

How do we improve the gut and digestion?

Does this really work?

Improve the gut and digestion.

Our products have the “Answers” – Probiotics.


We aspire to give every pet a better quality of life through food.