All Natural Pet Food

Made with fresh air and sunshine.

We go the extra mile to ensure that every step of our process is performed humanely and ethically.

Nothing affects the overall nutritional quality of pet food more than how its ingredients are treated and sourced. Growing and farming organic food isn’t easy.

answers pet food sustainable farming

We help keep family farms alive.

We support small, multi-generational family farms that, in turn, support the communities in which they live. Our farmers are concerned with animal welfare and environmental consciousness. We love working with these farmers, as they take pride in raising their livestock and crops in a traditional manner more consistent with quality and sustainability. The focus for us and our farmers is not about how much we produce,
but whether we produce it correctly, and ensuring we make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

To ensure the fundamentals of our cooperative initiative, we use farms that are independently audited by the Global Animal Partnership to protect earth’s land, water, and animals. We also visit these farms ourselves on a regular basis.

Industrial, factory farming is ruining the physical health and quality of life of our nation’s livestock. By contrast, our farms raise healthy, happy animals in the fresh air, under the sun and blue skies. Unlike the majority of pet food company farming practices, our animals are allowed to enjoy their native diet, free of GMOs. The cows and goats that produce our fermented milks are grass-fed and pasture-raised. And our turkeys love to graze on nature’s bugs (as well as grass).

The care we take in producing the best-quality pet foods goes as far as lacto-fermenting our organic vegetables at the very farms on which they are grown.

We have sustainable standards for our products.

Answers Pet Food makes every effort to avoid or minimize the use of plastics in every stage of food production and storage. Plastic may offer convenience, but also negatively impacts the environment, especially our oceans. We’re also disturbed by plastic’s ability to leak into the very food it contains. This troubling fact was recently supported by a 26-year study involving dogs. By recycling Answers Pet Food’s carton packaging, you help reduce the amount of plastic in our environment, thereby supporting both nature and your pet.