Food calculator – Dog

Let Answers help determine the optimal amount of raw pet food.

Please choose one of the following options:

Limited Ingredient Diet – STRAIGHT FORMULA

For dogs with food sensitivities.

Straight Formula serves as a great base for pet food customization, with a handcrafted, limited-panel of ingredients. Curated ingredients consist of only pasture-raised whole cuts of meat, organs, finely ground bone, whey and Celtic Sea Salt. Customize to a complete and balanced meal by adding our fermented raw milks and bone broths.

Complete & Balanced Diet – DETAILED FORMULA

For dogs of all life stages.

Detailed Formula line is a nutrient-dense raw diet of wholefoods, specially created to meet and exceed pets’ daily nutritional needs. Our high-quality, biodiverse ingredients include whole cuts of grassfed and grass finished GAP rated meat, organic poultry, and sustainable, pastured pork, along with fermented organic vegtables, organic duck eggs, cod liver, and grassfed raw butter. Created for dogs and cats of all ages, all of our formulas offer advanced nourishment and competitive inhibition through fermentation. Serve as a complete and balanced meal. No additional food or supplements needed. Just feed and go.